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Our Story

Vive Home Transformations is the home remodeling division of JG Development, a well-respected and highly-awarded family of construction companies. With outstanding experience and award-winning skill, Vive can remodel the interior of a single room, construct an addition, or transform your entire house, inside and out. Our projects have garnered numerous awards and are recognized in the most desirable locations in the greater Madison area. With renovation, you can achieve the new beginning you desire, yet preserve your sense of home. Our staff is eager to help you realize your vision with a new home at the same address.

Our History

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin native Jeff Grundahl founded JG Development in 1990, primarily focusing on residential new construction and remodeling. He expanded the firm’s work into commercial construction on his own, as well as through the purchase of two existing commercial firms in 2008 and 2011. In 2015, Jeff and his co-owner and wife, Mary Grundahl, launched two new residential construction brands, Brio Design Homes and Vive Home Transformations, and established JG Development as a family of companies providing a complete construction solution.

About Our Parent Company

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JG Development loves to build. We build homes, we build commercial structures, we build places of worship, and we build more. But what we really love to build is intangible: trust and long-lasting relationships.

We love what we do, and we want you—our customer—to love what we do for you.  To that end, we’re a quality-focused organization. And to deliver quality, we offer the specific knowledge, experience and expertise your project needs through our four divisions:
Brio Design Homes: Our new home building division
Vive Home Transformations: Our home remodeling division
National Construction: Our commercial division focused on projects that enhance communities
NCI-Roberts Construction: Our division that builds and transforms churches and nonprofits

As the Chinese proverb goes, “one picture is worth ten thousand words,” so we invite you to experience the Vive story.

Explore the transformations in our Galleries.  We also offer homeowners’ stories, so you may experience them in their own words – a Big Sky Vibe Addition, an Irish Crème and Earl Grey Kitchen and Dining Room Remodel and a Lake Home Transformation.

Vive Home Transformations: Bringing new, vibrant life to your home.

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