• New Home. Same Address.

    Whether a room, an addition or a whole-home makeover, if you can see it in your mind’s eye, Vive Home Transformations can make your vision a reality.

Remodeling makes so much sense for so many people. Perhaps you still love your neighborhood, still love your home, but feel the need for a fresh start, a new beginning. Considering the cost of new homes and epic aggravation of moving, remodeling is always a viable, sensible alternative — both economically and emotionally.

For Vive, remodeling means everything from transformation of your entire house, inside and out, to constructing an addition or renovating a single room.

It’s all about the lake.

We purchased the home as our lakeside retreat and future retirement home. The home was very dark and dated and needed a lot of repairs! So, we contacted Vive to transform the home into a peaceful and calm space that we and any guests can feel relaxed in.

I love my house.

The location is perfect, I’ve got lots of land and I’ve done a lot to it over the years to make it exactly the way I want it; from the barn to the kitchen to the basement to all the landscaping … you get the idea. And Vive did a lot of the work.

That’s why I asked them to take on this project. All their work for me has been incredible. I trust them to do what I want done.

It’s more than a space – it’s an experience.

We built our home in 2007 and were ready to update the heart of it – the kitchen and dining room. We heard about Vive Home Transformations from a family friend and contacted them to discuss our project.
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