New Home. Same Address.
Whether a room, an addition or a whole-home makeover, if you can see it in your mind’s eye, Vive can make your vision a reality.

Remodeling makes so much sense for so many. Perhaps you still love your neighborhood, still love your home, but feel the need for a fresh start, a new beginning. Considering the cost of new homes and epic aggravation of moving, remodeling is always a viable, sensible alternative — both economically and emotionally.

For Vive, “remodeling,” means a range from interior remodeling of a single room,
to additions, to large-scale transformations of a whole home, inside and out.

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I love my house.

The location is perfect, I’ve got lots of land and I’ve done a lot to it over the years to make it exactly the way I want it; from the barn to the kitchen to the basement to all the landscaping … you get the idea. And Vive did a lot of the work.

That’s why I asked them to take on this project. All their work for me has been incredible. I trust them to do what I want done.

The kitchen is the heart of our home.

It’s where our kids — and a lot of their friends— grew up. We love to cook and entertain, and when our now-grown children come home, they cook, too. So we asked Vive to take on our kitchen remodel project and we worked with designer Jill Dybdahl to make it look exactly how we wanted.

Our home was a “Spec” home, one a builder builds without having a buyer, with the hope that someone will buy it as soon as it’s done, or even before. It’s move-in ready. Which is why we’re here.

This was our diamond-in-the-rough.

We purchased it because of its great location, on a lake. The potential was astounding, but you couldn’t hardly see any of it.

In fact, it was so rough — in layout and usability, not condition — that we never moved in before the transformation.
We had to have it redone to fit our needs.

I called Vive. They’ve done some work for us before, so I knew how they worked and the kind of quality I could expect, which was the best. My wife also loved the way they paid such close attention to her style requests.

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