• New Home. Same Address.

    Elevate your living space with Vive Home Transformations! You deserve expert craftsmanship and design tailored to you. With sleek, modern kitchens, luxurious bathrooms, spacious additions and more, Vive can give you that “new home feeling” without having to move!

Remodeling makes so much sense for so many people. Perhaps you still love your neighborhood, still love your home, but feel the need for a fresh start, a new beginning. Considering the cost of new homes and epic aggravation of moving, remodeling is always a viable, sensible alternative — both economically and emotionally.

For Vive, remodeling means everything from transformation of your entire house, inside and out, to constructing an addition or renovating a single room.

It’s all about the lake.

We purchased the home as our lakeside retreat and future retirement home. The home was very dark and dated and needed a lot of repairs! So, we contacted Vive to transform the home into a peaceful and calm space that we and any guests can feel relaxed in.

I love my house.

The location is perfect, I’ve got lots of land and I’ve done a lot to it over the years to make it exactly the way I want it; from the barn to the kitchen to the basement to all the landscaping … you get the idea. And Vive did a lot of the work.

That’s why I asked them to take on this project. All their work for me has been incredible. I trust them to do what I want done.

It’s more than a space – it’s an experience.

We built our home in 2007 and were ready to update the heart of it – the kitchen and dining room. We heard about Vive Home Transformations from a family friend and contacted them to discuss our project.
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